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Through the landmarks of history, let me be your guide
To wander virtually, no itinerary required.
Find stories of beauty, pride, honor, hubris and crime
In centuries of forgotten rocks and mantles of grime.

Broken marble sculptures in the museum? Scattered rock boulders at the Forum? Enigmatic figures on a faded wall painting?

Where to go? How to get there? What to look for?

How to be a traveler and not just a tourist?

What’s the story behind these landmarks?

A struggling woman
desperately flailing her arms in the air,

the powerful young man
who had seized her, stepping over

the terrified old man
cowering helplessly on the ground. 


I started this site to capture and share insights that I discovered while traveling to interesting places. These insights include my own experiences, stories that I learned by having conversations with the locals, reading museum literature, and doing my own research pre- and post-journey.

This is a relatively new site – and I’m starting my stories with Italy. I will be posting fascinating stories about ancient Italy – which might just help make sense, for example, of those marble ruins you found at the Roman Forum. I will also post stories about my own travels – and I hope these will help you plan your own.

Don’t just take a selfie:

understand the sights you see.

Featured Stories

FB 1080x1080 Convents Monasteries

You don’t have to be Christian or religious to stay at an Italian convent or monastery. Find out if these safe, economical, and peaceful lodgings are right for you.

Visit the Italy page for more stories and travel tips …


Fascinating ancient stories.
Practical travel tales and tips.

A bull, a dragon, and a bear on the marble wall of the Tower of Pisa, Italy.
Let’s go! Andiamo! Abeamus! Vamonos! Tayo Na! Ikimashou!
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