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We had always planned to live in Italy for a few years once we retired, and the pandemic almost derailed our move.

My husband’s retirement day arrived inexorably, in 2021 while the pandemic was still raging (I retired a few years earlier). And because we were optimists, we sold our house in North Carolina, established residence in Texas where our son lived, and went on more roadtrips in 6 months than we ever did in the before-times, while waiting for travel bans to be lifted.

As soon as Italy began to allow Americans in, we applied for the Italian elective residence visa. Two months later, we landed in Italy to experience for ourselves what the Dolce Vita hype is all about.

that's me, with my camera

While my website is mainly about ancient stories from history, I have also written about travel tales in Italy.

But now that we live here, I will start writing vignettes about living in Italy, which is definitely a different experience and can be full of surprises. 

Coming soon – look out for them!

A bull, a dragon, and a bear on the marble wall of the Tower of Pisa, Italy.
Let’s go! Andiamo! Abeamus! Vamonos! Tayo Na! Ikimashou!
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