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I’ve been traveling solo since 1985. Then I
got married and had children – so I
traveled with the entire family in tow.
Consequently, my children also developed
itchy feet, and are venturing out to places
I’ve never been. I am traveling solo again
since I retired early from a demanding
career in technology and my kids have left
the nest. My husband is still working for a
few more years – he occasionally joins my

Welcome to my site! Do you love a good travel story? Do you sometimes find yourself looking at an old monument, an artifact, or piece of artwork and find yourself wondering, “Wow, it’s impressive – but I wish I knew more about its story.”

That’s what this website is about. I have a quest to find the story behind the landmarks and artifacts that I have encountered in my travels.

Recently, I have been reading the translated works of ancient Greek and Roman historians and writers which are now accessible in online repositories. I find the stories so interesting and the protagonists so compelling that they lead me from one story to the next. While they may be occasionally impenetrable, they are often “unputdownable”!

And I like to share with you what my curiosity has led me to discover! So, after more than 30 years in the technology industry, I decided that it’s much cooler to travel back in time and write about it.

that's me, with my camera

Photography helps me remember and explain what I’ve seen. I am a 360-photo hobbyist and can also wield a simple DSLR – but nothing beats the total convenience and simplicity of my smartphone camera. From time to time I borrow photos from others, but I will try my best to provide pure visuals (no selfies – this is the only page you will see me!). When possible (or permitted), I capture the places in a 360-degree view so that you can envision being there – enabling you to wander virtually and look all around you.

My stories are meant to entertain and enlighten those who are unable to go to these places. Or those who missed some history classes. I will also try to provide travel tips for those who would like to go and explore them first-hand.

I hope you enjoy it!

A bull, a dragon, and a bear on the marble wall of the Tower of Pisa, Italy.
Let’s go! Andiamo! Abeamus! Vamonos! Tayo Na! Ikimashou!
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